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Does your website look a little dated, or you’re not converting viewers into customers like you think you should? With our website redesign services, we extensively research why you need a redesign to find out what’s working, and what isn’t, to develop a cutting-edge conversion-focused website.

What is a website redesign?

We’ll figure out your goals and what potential design flaws your website may have that is preventing you from reaching them. Whether this because of an old, dated looking website damaging your online presence or a checkout process that confuses customers, we’ll analyse the issue and fix it. Like with all things relating to technology, trends change fast, with new design styles, technology and approaches come along frequently, so it’s crucial to stay at the forefront and not get left behind.

Do I need a my site redesigning?

You might be suprised to find that the average life span of a website before receiving a major overhaul is roughly 2 years and 7 months. We’ve dealt with clients that had websites built and had been left to age from as far back as 2003. We bought their websites back to life with modern design trends that are relevant in 2020, not 2007, and applied all the latest coding technology and practices to ensure everything was super fast and optimised for SEO.

If your site is not getting leads, converting views in to sales, getting newsletter sign-ups or generally not performing well, chances are, there is either a design or usability issue that can be held accountable – which a website redesign perfectly addresses.

Benefits of a website redesign

  • Often cheaper than a completely new website build
  • Bring your website up to speed with 2020 design trends
  • Latest coding practices optimised for loading speed and SEO
  • Ideal opportunity to extend functionality of the existing website
  • Mobile-first approach ensuring a fully responsive website
iPhone mockup comparing non-responsive and responsive websites

Latest Website Redesign Projects

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