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Hosting powered by 100% renewable energy. We’re passionate about web design, and saving the planet.

Once your site has been developed you’ll need a website hosting. Website hosting is essentially a server that holds all your website files to keep it online. We offer several different hosting options that are suitable for many different websites and price points. Whether you expect your website to have 100 visitors a day or 100,000, our hosting solutions will exceed your requirements.

We used UK based datacentres that are 100% powered by renewable energy to provide cost-effective, cutting edge solutions, without pumping out harmful carbon into the atmosphere. Whether you require a low budget shared hosting plan or a high performance dedicated cloud server, we’ve got you covered.

Website hosting speed comparison

Elara Web Hosting Speed Comparison Chart

How much is website hosting?


  • 100% Green Powered Hosting
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Blazing Fast Cloud Servers
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free “browser padlock” SSL Certificate
  • Free .com & domain renewals

Frequently Asked Questions

Does I need website hosting?

In short, yes. Every website needs hosting to be accessible over the Internet. At Elara, we don’t like to tie you in, so we offer two options. If you have a website designed by us, you can choose to either have your site hosted elsewhere with a different provider or take advantage of our discounted 12-month website hosting offer. We’ll take care of everything to make sure your website is online at all times and performing optimally.

If you simply want website hosting and aren’t interested in our web design or redesign services, that is no problem, we are happy to host your website.

What is green powered hosting?

Each year, the Internet produces the same amount of carbon as a Boeing 747 flying to the moon and back – six hundred and seventy four times! Whilist our websites only take up a tiny chunk of the Internet, we’re doing our bit and our servers are powered completely (100%!) by renewable energy.

What are automatic security patches?
We provide multiple server level firewalls, automatic application patching, malware detection and SSL certificates as standard – keeping your website safe.
What is a cloud server?

We use cloud hosting – multiple different servers at once – to balance the load of all of your websites. If the load gets too high, another server kicks in to keep everything running smoothly, whereas a traditional server must bare the load of everything, and if not correctly configured, can cause downtime.

What is an SSL certificate?

Our HTTP v HTTPS guide summarises everything you need to know.

What is a domain renewal?

Typically, your domain name (for example – must be renewed. If your website uses either the or .com domain, we’ll take care of domain renewals and cover the cost for you.

Upgrading your hosting plan provides a huge performance boost on your website loading speeds.