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With years of experience developing Magento websites, we’re specialists in creating cutting-edge sites that are optimised to reach your target audience and generate sales. With the ability to handle millions of products, Magento is the ideal platform for larger eCommerce stores.

What is Magento?

Magento offers a robust architecture, excellent SEO integration and advanced reporting features out of the box, with lots of room left over for customisation. While Magento is similar to WordPress with WooCommerce in terms of being an eCommerce platform, it differs by being developed purely with eCommerce functionality being the primary purpose.

Is Magento suitable for me?

Magento is packed with business management features, stock control, reporting and much more, so if eCommerce is your main or only income stream, Magento is a great choice.

Every element of Magento can be customised to your exact requirements. With the ability to handle millions of products without your website becoming sluggish and scale alongside the growth of your business, Magento is used by the likes of Christian Louboutin, Nike & Ford.

Able to handle virtually unlimited transactions and millions of products, Magento is the perfect choice for well-established business or start-ups that have large scale eCommerce growth in mind looking for a platform to work flawlessly years from now.

Benefits of Magento

  • It’s powerful and can handle millions of products and orders
  • It’s open-source, with lots of options to extend functionality
  • SEO friendly so products can easily be optimised
  • Easy to edit and add functionality at a later date
  • Built purely and optimised for eCommerce
Magento 2 Admin Panel Mockup

Not sure if Magento is right for you?