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Our cost calculator pricing tool gives an accurate indication as to what kind of figure you’d be looking to pay for your new site. Use the calculator to the right to price up your website. Choose from a variety of different website types and add on the various components that you need. We’ll present you with a ballpark figure and an option to fill out our short form so that we can contact you to provide you with a final quotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this quote final?

No – it’s purely to give you an understanding on our pricing structure. Your project could turn out to cost more, it could turn out to cost less. If you’re happy with the estimation you’re given, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting.

What about hosting and domain names?

Please note that every website will require hosting and a domain name. Both of these services are required for your website to be live on the Internet and are most commonly purchased annually. If you want to host your website with us, be sure to check the hosting option in the calculator towards the end. If you want to handle hosting yourself, simply leave the option unchecked. Similarly, if you have your own domain name and want to mange this yourself, leave the option unchecked.

It’s also important to consider how to maintain your website after it is launched too.

What is a custom email address?

A custom email address uses your own domain name instead of your account ending in something like @hotmail.com, @live.com or @gmail.com. For example, our main email account ends is ‘info@elaraweb.co.uk’, instead of ‘elaraweb@hotmail.com’. Please note that we Google to host our email packages that start from £4.14 per month and include 30GB of cloud storage and an array of other benefits.

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