10 Reasons to use WordPress

10 Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables websites to be created and managed efficiently. WordPress is a popular platform that stands out from its competitors due to its ease of use and relatively low learning curve. A user with basic computing and internet experience can quickly get up to speed in managing a website, adding new features, pages, and content, all without needing to know any coding knowledge.

Who uses WordPress?

Did you know that WordPress powers over 33% of the world’s websites? When you delve into CMS market shares, WordPress dominates this with an impressive 60% of the market share. WordPress is by far the most favoured platform for website publishing. There’s no doubt that virtually every single person to access the Internet has come across a WordPress website at some point – you probably just didn’t know it!

Why should your business use WordPress?

1. WordPress is safe and secure

WordPress’s dominant market share should reassure you that it is a reliable platform. WordPress is regularly audited by hundreds of contributors/developers to maintain their rigorous security measures, prevent hackers and malware. It is also easily accessible to check code to ensure that the platform is secure as WordPress is open-source – allowing developers to easily look for and fix security issues.

2. WordPress allows for multi-user capability

If your business requires a platform that can offer a range of access roles to allow for multi-user capability, then WordPress is well-suited to your company. The site administrator will have the autonomy to control what the users are able to do by assigning specific roles. For example, if you manage an eCommerce store, you can assign a role to allow specific users to only have access to orders so that they can be processed. This granular level approach to user roles keeps your website secure and keeps your mind at rest that no-one is accessing anything they shouldn’t. 

3. WordPress mobile apps

Inspiration can arise at any time and anywhere. It is therefore highly convenient that the WordPress mobile app provides users with the power to access their site remotely. Users are able to complete a range of tasks such as checking the site statistics, writing, editing, and publishing content, all whilst on the go.

4. WordPress is highly regarded because of its simplicity

WordPress has a low learning curve making it great to pick up and learn. Site administrators are able to successfully navigate around the dashboard completing a range of tasks, maintaining their website and publishing content, without the need or any coding knowledge.

5. WordPress is SEO friendly

Using WordPress gives your business a competitive advantage in relation to search engine optimisation (SEO). This is because WordPress creates lightweight HTML pages that are easily understandable for search engines. Search engines and their rankings are critical toward successful online traffic. 

6. WordPress allows you to schedule posts

 A highly convenient feature of WordPress is the ability to schedule posts. Scheduling posts enables businesses to ensure that they are successful at maintaining their website and digital presence by keeping the content up-to-date.

7. WordPress is easily extendable with a range of third party plugins

WordPress functionality can easily be extended in a multitude of ways. Third-party plugins can be installed to provide additional functionality such as eCommerce, event calendars and portfolios to name a few. Sticking to well maintained and developed plugins allow you to extend your website and it’s offerings without comprising on page speed, security or user experience. 

8. WordPress has countless sources of support

WordPress’s user base is so high that the chances are if you require further support, a simple Google search is likely to generate guides, tutorials and forums to help you along the way. Chances are, any issue you encounter, you won’t be the first. When using third-party plugins (as mentioned in point 7), you’ll most likely be eligible for support directly from the developers themselves to help you solve any issues you may face.

9. WordPress will allow your site to grow as your business grows

WordPress sites are known for their scalability. The performance of your website will not be compromised by the number of pages or posts you have on your site. We’ve developed websites that have well over a thousand pages and thousands of products and have seen no impact on page load speeds. With other Content Management Systems, users will find their website outgrows the platform, creating a headache trying to migrate their website over to a new system. With WordPress, you can be assured it can scale alongside your company. 

10. WordPress is fast and lightweight

The WordPress core framework is lightweight, which results in fast loading times. If you choose a web designer who doesn’t fill your website with bloat you can expect rapid loading speeds. To ensure your website remains fast, a good web design agency will opt to use lightweight themes over themes that have multiple demos and a ‘cater for all’ approach. Selective use of plugins is also very important, installing endless amounts of plugins is a surefire way to drastically impact how fast your website loads. We all know what the eternity feeling wait for page to load feels like and most of the time, we’ll go to another website.

Next steps…

You and your business can benefit from not only the 10 incentives discussed above but also the many, many more benefits that WordPress provides. As WordPress experts, our development team create bespoke WordPress websites from scratch to make sure you stand out from the competition. We provide cutting-edge web design for a range of individuals and businesses in the local area and throughout the UK. Whether you’re a start-up business with no online presence or an established company in need of a revamp, we turn your ideas into reality. Ultimately, you want a successful website that truly represents your business, don’t you?

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